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“The mind determines what’s possible. The heart surpasses it.”

— Pilar Coolinta


First ask yourself:  How have you allowed yourself to be vulnerable this year? How have you faced your fears and summoned the courage to heal yourself and the world?

Stop yourself if you hear familiar and self-defeating voices—the yeah but or the mousey: I’m not enough. I still have this or that to do.

Reflect. How have you let your guard down? What gifts came of that?

Take stock of what has frightened you in the past; see where those cuts were in your life that are no longer open wounds.

Find your scars. Trace them with the fingers of your soul. Rub them with tea tree oil. Go deep into the tissue, for your body is home to events that would have killed a weaker person. Celebrate your strength!

Love the child you were and still are. Praise your proven ability to heal.

Acknowledge your dark shadow of yesterday and today. Recognize what a powerful force it is. Greet it as a friend. Know it will always be with you.

Search. Explore the shattered mosaic of your heart. Locate the daubing between the logs, the glue that bonds the shards together to make a holy whole, a stained glass masterpiece. Admire how the light shines through it.

Inventory the still-open wounds and persistent fear that plagues you. And know that these too will be resolved. Be present while glimpsing the future. Know that it holds hope. Never let go of hope. Share your hope with others.

Make the most of what you already have, have done and yearn to do.

Remember the laws of change:

Nothing stays the same.
Change takes courage.
Change means imperfection.
Change is better taken in small measures.

Keep following your heart. ‪

#quest2016 #futureself

This is my response to “What advice would your future self a year from now give you today?,” a prompt from Dr. Tina Seelig, author, entrepreneur and director of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program. She is one of 12 visionaries curated by Jeffrey Davis for his provocative Quest 2016.  Join me and other questers at

Holly Smith-Berry
Holly Smith-Berry
Like you, I’m a shape shifter, living as many roles as an umbrella has spokes: marketing exec, entrepreneur, parent, daughter, friend, sister, yogi, writer. Most of my career I’ve worked in the Housewares Industry developing new products. Sometimes I’ve taken them all the way from the gleam in an inventor’s eye to America’s kitchens.
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