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The Weather Advisory

Braving the dicey weather of self-transformation shapes and shines us into authentic, rock-tumbled gems. But it takes wise counsel to help us when the going gets tough.

Introducing The Weather Advisory: three expert divining rods to guide you through the spiritual, psychological and financial aspects of change.

Ride on, Sisters.

Luna Jaffe, MA, CFP®

Luna Jaffe, MA, CFP®

Reverend Jennifer Brooks

Reverend Jennifer Brooks

Chris Lawrence, Ph.D.

Chris Lawrence, Ph.D.

Luna is founder and CEO of Lunaria Financial, a boutique financial planning firm in Portland, Oregon. Her vibrancy and intellectual curiosity are reflected in her eclectic background.  A natural entrepreneur, Luna created her own wearable art company, LunaSilks, at the age of 23.  Twelve years later, she turned her interest in Jungian Sand Play Therapy into a second business, Dreamtime Designs, which funded her graduate education as a depth psychologist.

She was recruited into the financial services industry more than a decade ago, and managed $45M in client assets while working for a leading brokerage firm.  Eight years later she listened to her inner calling—and created a financial planning and money management firm that integrates compassionate guidance, financial wisdom, and a creative spirit.

Luna is the author of the award-winning book:  Wild Money:  A Creative Journey to  Financial Wisdom. She’s creating her land of plenty in the Pacific Northwest with her partner Amy, teenage son Hunter, and several adorable canines.

Luna believes money is important, personal, tender, and, at times downright mystifying.  She specializes in helping women navigate financial transition such as starting or selling a business, divorce, remarriage, inheritance, or retirement.

Rev. Jennifer Brooks is a Unitarian Universalist minister specializing in congregational (and personal) transitions. As a lawyer and law professor before entering the ministry, she worked with developing and emerging nations transitioning to new legal infrastructure. As she observed the vast human potential for transformation, she longed to connect directly with people and groups seeking personal growth and positive social change.

It was the Unitarian Universalist commitment to value-based living and a theologically diverse faith community that opened the door to Jennifer’s new career as a UU minister.  “Human beings need a safe place to explore and grow, personally and spiritually, even as they work together to make the world a more just and humane place,” she says. “We often initiate our greatest personal transformations when we begin making a contribution to the well-being of others.”

In her work, Jennifer enters a congregation during the period of uncertainty between settled ministers. It’s the moment when the trapeze artist has let go of one bar and is hanging in mid-air waiting for the next to arrive. “The uncertainty can be anxiety-producing, but it’s also a time when serenity and faith are necessary and become possible. It’s the same for each of us in our personal transformations.” The work of this time “between,” she says, is “self-empowerment that honors and engages with others, whether our personal beloveds or our beloved community.”

Jennifer currently serves the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fairfax, Virginia, a faith community of more than 1,000 adults and children. She is a graduate of Harvard Divinity School and Harvard Law School; a member of the Unitarian Universalist Interim Ministry Guild and the interfaith Interim Ministry Network; and the adoptive parent of two children whose ethnic identities (Asian-American and African-American) and experience have shaped Jennifer’s understanding of culture, perception, and white privilege. She connects with Life through meditation, cycling, wilderness camping, and the practice of gratitude.

Dr. Lawrence is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with a passion for teaching and helping women navigate change. She received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia. While working on her Ph.D., she joined the staff of McCambridge Center, a nonprofit substance abuse treatment center for women and children. She spent 15 years at McCambridge Center, including three years as clinical supervisor and seven years as clinical director where she oversaw the implementation of trauma-informed treatment services and developed a clinical training program for masters and doctoral level graduate students.

Dr. Lawrence’s is an adjunct faculty member at Stephens College, a women’s college, and at the University of Missouri. She has taught at both the graduate and undergraduate level. She has also supervised masters and doctoral-level counselors and psychologists, as as well as child psychiatry fellows from the University of Missouri-Columbia Medical School.

Dr. Lawrence began her own full-time private practice in 2006 and is currently the co-owner of Lawrence, Oliver & Associates, a private practice clinic that employs five clinicians. She has extensive experience working with children, adolescents, adults and couples with a variety of mental health issues including depression, anxiety, trauma, codependency, chemical dependency and family issues.  Her specialties also include counseling women with past trauma, and couples who want to invest time and energy in growing their relationship.

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